The Future Of Golf Clubs

….if they’re to survive in an ever-changing world.

“Tomorrow’s club member thinks entirely differently to the member 10 years ago, even five years ago…”

“Saturday and Wednesday competitions don’t necessarily fit the lifestyle choices of men and women who work full-time.”

“Today’s consumer is a 24/7 socially active person.”

“It stands to reason the best way to increase revenue is by using existing club facilities for other purposes.”

and for Club Committees and Boards “The 21st Century world rewards the agile and prescient.”

Australian Golf Digest.    July 2016.

How do “agile and prescient” golf clubs protect their future?

Here are the key findings of recent Australian Golf Industry Council research as it impacts the traditional golf industry, particularly golf clubs and driving ranges.

The Core Question:  How…to grow participation and ensure the continued relevance of golf to future generations?

Summarising  the opportunity for Golf Traditionalists:

  • Maintain interest and engagement during their “family years”.
  • Give them a pathway to develop their skills.

Variety Seekers are frequent golfers .. play rounds but like to experience other aspects and formats of the game, aged 30-49, most likely have families, require flexible timing.

Summarising the opportunity for Variety Seekers:

  • Appeal to their variety seeking nature
  • Deliver family friendly options

Incidental Golfers represent a great opportunity to pull through to the traditional game. Their conversion depends on building social experiences around golf.


Potential tensions between the old and the new need to be managed


  • Traditions and heritage
  • 18 holes
  • One course set up
  • Etiquette and rules
  • Members only
  • Long and slow
  • Exclusive
  • Relaxation and post-round drink
  • Standard membership
  • Escape the family


  • Innovation
  • Shorter versions
  • Multiple course setups
  • Relaxed approach and dress code
  • Visitors welcome
  • Short and fast
  • Inclusive
  • Fitness, health, well-being
  • Membership options
  • Include the family

And the most repeated focus for attracting potential golfers: Demonstrate to them that golf is exciting and fun, not elitist.



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