Target niches and Benefits

Potential target niches

Because The Party Hole appeals to all ages and both genders, all levels of golfing skill from elite to non-golfers, is less dependent on weather and daylight, and is far less expensive and time-consuming than traditional golf club membership and the typical 18 holes, there is an endless list of potential target niches:-

Parties for kids of all ages and for all reasons

School holiday informal or organized activities

Work social clubs

After work with friends for some fun and a quick bite and a couple of drinks

Time poor Mums wanting to catch up with their girlfriends before school pick up

Family groups looking for something new everyone can enjoy and be good at

People with limited physical ability

And the biggest potential of all for repeat participants, League competitions for those seeking a competitive team environment


Why is The Party Hole a more strategic direction than pursuing weddings or business conferences?


Many golf clubs have attempted to establish revenue streams from activities that are not golf-related, in competition with well-established alternatives — weddings, business conferences and meetings, gyms, creche and child-minding. There are very few long-term successes.

Golf clubs have an undeniable competitive advantage in the delivery of golf-related activities, and there are very few golf clubs relative to competitor numbers in other industries . Conversely golf clubs (with a few exceptions) have no acknowledged expertise or competitive advantage in weddings and business conferences, which already have far more successful participants than there are golf clubs.