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The  only activity Graeme Smith has been passionately involved in for longer than his entrepreneurial exploits is his golf obsession, both of which continue today after more than 50 years.
Graeme’s  experience as an entrepreneur has recently concentrated on marketing to mature-age consumers and business coaching. His continuous membership of Golf Clubs in Melbourne and Adelaide has encompassed Junior Pennant  in the 1960’s through to his current participation in Senior Pennant.
As an active “golf tourist” Graeme has visited many Golf Clubs internationally, regularly takes advantage of reciprocal arrangements around Australia, and is a frequent visitor to Clubs due to his Seniors involvement.

“You don’t need the experience I have in statistics and research to see the obvious challenges facing Australia’s traditional golf industry, and the need to overcome the inertia exhibited by too many Golf Club Boards and Committees.

That’s why I created The Party Hole.

Graeme Smith The Party Hole

What is the mission of The Party Hole’s founder?

“ To significantly improve the financial viability of the traditional golf industry by increasing the numbers of repeat participants and thereby increasing the utilization of existing human resources and infrastructure.”

“ My concern has been that if existing golf clubs don’t heed the undeniable messages in the research conducted by the Australian Golf Industry Council, which is confirmed with feedback from golf’s grass roots at club level, then new industry competitors will emerge to satisfy that huge and expanding demand.”

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The Party Hole.

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