What are the parameters of the perfect golf-related solution to the problems faced by golf clubs?

The perfect solution, particularly for those not located in a strong tourism area or not protected by distance to alternative courses, will:-

Appeal to current members, all frequent and infrequent golfers, and non-golfers.

Attract a wide range of individuals and groups, all ages, both genders – family and friends, workmates, social clubs, corporate entertainment and corporate training & team-bonding.

Attract participants seeking mainly social activities as well as those with a more competitive need.

Be less expensive and less time-consuming than traditional golf club membership

Make use of existing infrastructure and human resources without significant financial investment.

Not depend on weather conditions or daylight, and be more flexible in timing.

Provide at no cost a further added-value within the membership proposition for existing and new members.

Expose the Club and its membership proposition to large numbers of prospective members who would otherwise not have visited the Club.

Identify the Club as an agile and prescient innovator with a genuine commitment to “grow the game” of golf.

The perfect solution, which “ticks the box” of every parameter above — THE PARTY HOLE @ ( Your Club name)