What is the cost of becoming a Host Location Partner with The Party Hole?

Because every potential Host Location Partner will have unique circumstances regarding existing facilities, and desired outcomes, the initial step involves a Bespoke Implementation Plan, working with the Partner’s decision makers and functional staff to address the unique circumstances of the Host Location, their existing and required infrastructure and human resources, and the local market into which The Party Hole will be launched.

There is no cost for an exploratory meeting and the first stage of this Implementation Plan. Until this phase is completed, an estimate of implementation cost is unreliable, but initial launch costs can be very moderate.

This first stage will also address the potential for facility hire and Food & Beverage revenue.

If a mutual decision to proceed is reached, to obtain the Licence rights to become a Host Location Partner of The Party Hole, there is a one-time fee of up to $9500 plus GST, payable on written acceptance of the Licence Agreement, and an ongoing monthly fee of $500 plus GST commencing on the first of the month following the location launch, or 6 months after signing the Licence Agreement, whichever comes first.

Early adopters of The Party Hole opportunity will not only benefit from the “first to market” advantages, but will receive further financial advantage in a reduction to the fees payable under the Licence Agreement.


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